“...Lo-Fi Feeling” combines Mazzy Star’s quiet moodiness with the fuzzy noise of the Secret Machines’ ’60s references. It ranges from quietly spooky to gently rousing without abandoning its identity, making for good headphone listening" - INK






"......“Intro,” and the track that follows are inherently Coyne-inspired in the use of a broken falsetto, the EP quickly moves beyond being tied to any particular sound. “Throw Me a Line,” for instance, leans heavily toward the scene nurtured by the influential Creation Records in the late ’80s-early ’90s...." - Riot On The Plaza

"Pleasant surprise, there, from Kansas City.

The Tambourine Club has something to confuse with a style that ranges from a pop-rock a bit playful lo-fi (on "Dry Your Eyes", for example) to experiment more dark,

even more melancholy ("I Do" and her haunted piano).

Five titles are all to be discovered on an EP simply entitled "Lo-Fi Feeling".

Remember well the date of August 16 because it is from this day that the said EP will be available as a

free download for a limited time, via Bandcamp" - MY CAR IS FULL OF PLUMS